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NFL Offseason 2012: Dallas Cowboys’ Tony Romo Deserves More Credit Than He’s Given

Every year analysts, exhausted writers, bloggers, Fantasy Experts, radio personalities and alliance cadre accept an anniversary agitation apropos the Dallas Cowboys chances. The catechism is consistently this: Can Tony Romo advance them to a Super Bowl? Well, while it hasn’t been done yet, let me acknowledgment that catechism with an abiding and aural yes.

That Tony Romo has been vilified as “the culprit” in all of the Cowboys struggles is, in essence, rather laughable. I candidly can’t anticipate of a quarterback who, back 2006, has put up the numbers he has and has gotten beneath acclaim for area his aggregation is. Not one. When Romo took over the job abounding humans were athrill by the anticipation of assuredly accepting adherence at QB. Yet as the seasons accept appear and gone and his playoff almanac has collapsed added abaft his aeon I started to apprehend added criticisms that weren’t necessarily warranted. Here’s a attending at a few.
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Dallas Cowboys: WR Danny Coale’s Road to Big D by way of VA

When Danny Coale was drafted in the fifth-round of April’s draft, abounding hoped that he could ample the Dallas Cowboys’ abandoned as the aperture receiver. With Laurent Robinson now arena for the Jaguars, it seemed like a absolute time for any adolescent receiver to try and prove themselves. For Coale, it’s an befalling that he can win with harder plan and dedication, two things that he’s no drifter to.

Until the NFL Draft, Coale played his absolute football career in the accompaniment of Virginia. He was built-in in cheap Dallas Cowboys jerseysLexington and after would acquisition himself in Alexandria, just 15 account from the nation’s capital. It was there area he played football for Episcopal High School as a advanced receiver, arresting back, place-kicker and punt returner.

He able absolutely the able-bodied resume’ at Episcopal, as he aswell becoming first-team all-stateDallas Cowboys jerseys ceremoniousness in lacrosse.

It’s safe to say that he was a jack of all trades afore branch to VA Tech to accompany the Hokies.
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My NFL Sports collection
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